A Branching Devlog: More, Smaller Games

While the first game I started is Project Sword, I've realized that I actually don't have enough time to finish it before the new kid arrives. I bit off more than I can chew with that one - the content isn't that grand, but it requires a lot of custom art and with my work / life balance it's a bit too amibitous at the moment.

So that's back on the shelf, to be continued in a few months time, after the sleepless newborn nights are over and I begin feeling my soul return to my body. In the meantime, I'm working on a few very small projects which I want to wrap up quickly:

  • A Train Ride: You're a passenger on a steam train. You can traverse the length of the train, and maybe you'll see some neat stuff along the way.
  • A Drive: This is a test for a larger project about a family road trip, but you're in control of a Volkswagen-like van along a pleasant road.
  • A Walk In The Cemetary: Another test for a larger project, this is a game in which you muck about in a cemetary, trying to open a gate.
  • A Campfire Conversation: This is a dialogue / conversation test, it's just you and a friend having a conversation around a fire at night.
  • A Kid's Story: This is another dialogue based game, about telling a kid a bedtime story.

The release of A Walk In The Cemetary and A Campfire Conversation will coincide with a cemetary / woods tileset on itch.io. Everything will go on itch.io. Software stack's the same - Unity, Aseprite, Ink, etc.

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